Clover at Money20/20 Hackathon

On Oct. 23, First Data sponsored the Money20/20 Hackathon in Las Vegas, NV. The Clover team met with talented developers from around the world working on projects powered by Clover devices and services. Here’s a highlight of some of the exciting entries we came across.

Clover’s picks

The Honeycomb team pitching to the Clover judgesThe Honeycomb team pitching to the Clover judges

One of the sweetest apps we saw, Honeycomb, connects Clover merchants together to provide insights for creating successful promotions. Using machine learning, merchants are able to see other merchants with similar audiences and estimate success of different promotions. After starting a promotion on their Clover device, opt-in and conversion metrics are displayed on their web dashboard to help merchants understand the health of their business.

The Leaf team demoing their product to our judges.The Leaf team demoing their product to our judges.

Leaf makes dining together and paying seamless, effortless, and cardless. Beacons at each table lets customers easily opt-in to use Leaf on their mobile phones. When multiple customers are opted-in, the bill is automatically split between them, using another First Data product, Payeezy, to process the payments. There’s no need to flag down a waiter. Just get up, walk out, and the payment is automatic.

The overall winner of the hackathon, Clever, uses natural language together with Clover APIs to show insights of a merchant’s performance. Utilizing Amazon Echo, merchants are able to quickly ask questions like, “How did the store do this week?” Powerful analytics are returned in natural language.

We enjoyed seeing all the great work in Vegas, and would like to thank all the developers who worked hard on their projects. There were so many great ideas that we would love to see come to life in our Clover App Market.

If you’re interested in creating your own Clover app, get started by checking out our docs.